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John Hawksley - Cruising.mp3 6.801.03.25 19:50:06John HawksleyCruising (Calypso)2001ForthcomingCalypso in the style of a movie
John Hawksley - She Knows (And It's 4.802.11.10 17:41:05John HawksleyShe Knows (And It's Okay)2002john_hawksley@yahoo.com
Frampton Arr. Hawksley - Baby I Love 5.802.04.21 14:20:19John HawksleyBaby I Love Your Way2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:04:53160S44
John Hawksley - What If.mp3 5.402.03.10 18:04:20John HawksleyWhat If20022john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Nobody Gets Out Aliv 3.803.09.27 20:04:01John HawksleyNobody Gets Out Alive2003john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:21:34 24S22
John Hawksley - After All.mp3 4.401.08.06 19:24:07John HawksleyAfter All2001(unsigned)john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:03:44160S44
John Hawksley - Leaving.mp3 23:03:39John HawksleyLeaving2001Forthcomingjohn_hawksley@yahoo.com0:04:22128S44
John Hawksley - Sweet You.mp3 12:00:58John HawksleyJohn Hawksley - Sweet You.mp32000Forthcomingjohn_hawksley@yahoo.0:03:23128S44
StripteaseKMTrashRmx.mp3 4.302.07.07 02:21:22Hawksley WorkmanStriptease (Karl Mohr Trash ReLast Night We Were The Delicioushttp://www.hawksleyworkman.com0:04:30
Riddle, Arr. Hawksley - And They Cry 9.803.08.05 10:54:39
John Hawksley - Empty.mp3 4.300.09.04 06:32:47John HawksleyEmpty2000Unisgned Artistjohn_hawksley@yahoo.0:03:36160S44
John Hawksley - Wedding Day.mp3 22:50:50John HawksleyWedding Day2002(Unsigned)john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Never Looked Back.mp 11:58:44John HawksleyNever Looked Back2000Forthcomingjohn_hawksley@yahoo.0:03:31160S44
Unknown, Arr. Hawksley - Lake Louise 3.402.07.27 12:10:28John HawksleyLake Louise2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Drowning.mp3 3.700.10.30 18:05:21John HawksleyDrowning2000(unsigned Artist)john_hawksley@yahoo.0:15:42 32S22
Hawksley Workman - No More Named Joh 3.803.11.12 15:38:22Hawksley Workman13-No More Named Johnny1999For Him And The Girls0:04:03128S44
John Hawksley - Pavane - On Such A D 3.603.05.30 05:55:33John HawksleyOn Such A Day2003john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Just Another Day.mp3 6.803.02.05 12:56:13John HawksleyJust Another Day2003-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Without.mp3 4.402.11.14 00:36:58John HawksleyWithout2002john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:03:44160S44
John Hawksley - Amsterdam Street (Al 20:34:19John HawksleyAmsterdam Street2003-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Paths.mp3 4.901.06.26 22:38:43John HawksleyPaths2002Forthcomingjohn_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Pictures Together.mp 6.502.08.10 12:50:54John HawksleyPictures Together2002More Than SomewhatJohn_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Love Lost.mp3 3.801.11.24 17:10:55John HawksleyLove Lost2000Forthcomingjohn_hawksley@yahoo.0:03:59128S44
John Hawksley - Interlude.mp3 21:35:51John HawksleyInterlude2003-john_hawksley@intergral.com0:01:41160S44
Harline, Arr. Hawksley - When You Wi 21:06:36John HawksleyWhen You Wish Upon A Star2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:06:41 64M22
John Hawksley - Together Alone.mp3 5.802.08.02 02:09:51John HawksleyTogether Alone2003More Than Somewhatjohn_hawksley@intergral.com
John Hawksley - The Omega Imperative 01:07:59John HawksleyThe Omega Imperative (Main Tit2003-john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:05:05112S44
Fucik, Arr. Hawksley - The Florentin 7.301.04.05 20:43:31Fucik, Arr. HawksleyThe Florentiner March2001john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - First Kiss (196kbps) 20:35:04John HawksleyFirst Kiss2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
Hazelhurst, Arr. Hawksley - Yes Mini 0.902.02.12 21:31:23John HawksleyYes Minister2002john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:00:48160S44
John Hawksley - Revelation (Dance Mi 4.402.01.09 09:41:07John HawksleyRevelation2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:03:41160S44
John Hawksley - On Wings Of Song.mp3 4.603.05.21 21:36:200:03:52160S44
HawksleyStripsDown.mp3 16:33:44Hawksley WorkmanStriptease (Karl Mohr Stripped2001Last Night We Were The DeliciousExclusive remix by Karl Mohr. h
John Hawksley - Little Serenade.mp3 2.502.02.10 15:21:16John HawksleyLittle Serenade20022john_hawksley@yahoo.com
Scott Joplin, Arr. Hawksley - The En 23:03:22John HawksleyThe Entertainer2001-Transcription, Arrangement + Pia0:03:29160S44
Rice, Andersson, Ulvaeus, Arr. Hawks 19:50:23John HawksleyI Know Him So Well2003-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Endeavour.mp3 5.703.11.22 01:37:45John HawksleyEndeavour2003john_hawksley@yahoo.com0:13:39 56M22
John Hawksley - Pictures Together - 4.302.08.10 12:48:50John HawksleyPictures Together2002More Than Somewhatjohn_hawksley@yahoo.com0:04:31128S44
Brown, Calilli, Sansone, Arr. Hawksl 3.802.11.10 11:42:59John HawksleyJust Walk Away Renee2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Techno Notice.mp3 1.600.09.01 22:54:540:02:16 96S44
John Hawksley - Breathless.mp3 5.403.01.13 19:29:35John HawksleyBreathless2003More Than Somewhatjohn_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - When She Smiles.mp3 6.302.03.13 01:54:09John HawksleyWhen She Smiles20022john_hawksley@yahoo.com
Berlin, Mozart, Arr. Hawksley - Rond 3.802.06.09 14:23:56John HawksleyRondo Alla Turka2002(Unsigned)john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - If You Only Knew.mp3 5.402.11.17 22:02:57John HawksleyIf You Only Knew2002john_hawksley@yahoo.com
John Hawksley - Waltz In Springtime. 3.803.04.27 20:05:09John HawksleyWaltz In Springtime2003S3john@bawue.de0:03:10160S44
John Hawksley - Chorale.mp3 3.503.11.26 23:18:02John HawksleyChorale2003-john_hawksley@yahoo.com
HWmaniacsKMremix.mp3 6.803.02.28 12:14:47Hawksley WorkmanManiacs (Karl Mohr Remix)1999Unreleasedhttp://www.karlmohr.com
StripteaseKMDarkwaveRmx.mp3 5.302.07.07 02:35:32Hawksley WorkmanStriptease (Karl Mohr DarkwaveLast Night We Were The DeliciousRomantic0:05:34
Lawrence, Arr. Hawksley - Treasure H 1.302.12.16 22:38:46John HawksleyPeak Performance (Treasure Hun2002-john_hawksley@yahoo.
John Hawksley - Right Place, Right T 3.401.09.03 11:01:00John HawksleyRight Place, Right Time2001(unsigned Artist)john_hawksley@yahoo.com

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